Gran Fondo Strade Statskog is a new cycling race in Norway, that runs between the cities of Steinkjer and Namsos. The distance is 100 km, and the course will take you through beautiful forest areas and landscapes, part of the areas belonging to Statskog, an organization belonging to all inhabitants in Norway, dedicated to giving access to recreational areas.

About half of the course goes on asphalt and tarmac, and the other half on gravel roads. At the finish in Namsos, you will enter the city centre through an abandoned railroad, topped up with packed gravel. You can chooes to participate with any bike you like, but the course is well suited to gravel bikes and cross bikes, allthough some have also finished with race bikes without problems. We recommend sturdy tires and that you prepare for punctures.

Acccess to Steinkjer is easy from the main airport of Trondheim, by train, bus or car along the main road E6. There will be bus transportation back to Steinkjer after the finish. and bike and luggage transportation between Namsos and Steinkjer before and after the race.

At the finish in Namsos you will have the chance to enjoy food and drink, and some entertainment. Namsos has an excellent rock'n roll theme-hotel for you to stay. Check out Scandic Rock City for bookings.

Gran Fondo Strade Statskog is cooperating with Arctic Race of Norway, the largest professional race in Norway.

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