Skarverennet Terms

General information regarding Skarverennet 
The course from Finse to Ustaoset is 37 km, and the course from Haugastøl to Ustaoset is 25 km. It is mandatory to carry a backpack containing warm clothes, food and drinks. Dogs and pulks are not allowed on the course.

Prices can be found under the header påmelding (registration) at
All registration is done through our website
Registration is binding, and no part of the start fee will be refunded.

Personal information
By registering to our events you consent to the publishing of your name in start and result lists online. These lists may also contain information regarding your age and sport club. Personal information will be stored according to official Norwegian regulations. Pictures of you may become part of our photo archive, and may be used on our webpages and publications. The rights to these pictures may also be sold to media or third parties for marketing purposes. 

License and insurance
A license to the Norwegian Ski Federation is included in the start fee for the trim class. This license is an accident insurance covering you during the race. Participants in the racing class not covered by a full year license must pay a one-time license additionally to the start fee. If you have a FIS code, please register it. 
Any damages are to be reported on a form to be found at, under the link “Om rennet”.  Questions regarding insurance can be directed to The Norwegian Ski Federation at phone number +47 90618401. The participants are responsible for their own cancellation insurance, and insurance for lost or damaged equipment.

The racing class: 
Persons 15 years or older may compete in the timed race class. Your class will be determined by your age as of 31.12.2017. The racing class is conducted in freestyle. Registration under the wrong name or class leads to disqualification. 

The trim class:
In order to participate in the trim class, you must be 10 years as of 31.12.2017. 

The train capacity regulates the number of participants. The registration is therefore based on a first come, first serve principle. 

Start time
Racing class, youth girls and junior women start approximately at 11.30. Youth boys and junior men start approximately at 11.45.  Participants in the trim class can start directly upon arrival at Finse. Racers in the trim class who start before 06.57 and after 11.45 will however not be considered as participants of Skarverennet.  Participants in the trim class from Haugastøl start continuously between 08.30 and 11.45.

Start list and confirmation
You will receive a confirmation e-mail after registration and payment. After March 10th, you receive an e-mail with your start card. The start card states where to pick up the start number. The start card can only be used one time. Start lists will be updated continuously from December 2016 at

Name and address can be changed until April 21th. You cannot change age class and train time.
By registration, you accept the conditions and premises explained in this invitation and at

Do you have any questions concerning Skarverennet, please contact us at:
Phone number +47 32 09 51 50.
Web page: 

Information regarding cancelation 

Cancelation on race day:
If the race is cancelled on race day due to severe weather or other “force majeure”, the organizer will not refund the start fee. 

Cancelation prior to race day:
If the race is canceled prior to race day the following will be refunded:
In the trim class 50 % of the start fee, additionally to participation fee (kr. 20,-) and the one-time license. The start fee is NOK 650,-

In the race class, 50% of the start fee will be refunded, additionally to participation fee (kr.30,-) and the one-time license.
The start fee is NOK 750,-

Transport fees:
The transport fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation.