Information Coastman Norway 2019

It is overweight of competitions in August and we want to offer an competetion in early summer and thus expand the opportunities for keen triathletes to attend what they want

New to 2019 is that in addition to the full and half distance we will run the Olympic distance (1500/40/10)

Based on the athletes' feedback about exciting but perhaps a little challenging run-slope we have also made a new fast 10 km run-slope for 2019. This slope should be used by all categories

For safety reasons, and to give the athletes the best and safest possible experience, we will set the maximum number of participants on the full / half to 100 people and the maximum number of participants in the Olympic to 120 participants

Coastman is a small organization. As it is now in Norway with demands from federations and road authorities for guardianship, training, doctor, Red Cross, police etc., this entails large event costs.

Coastman 2019 will therefore not be arranged if less than 60 participants are registered by 01.05.19

Should such unfortunate circumstances occur, all registered persons will be refunded 100% of the registration fee.

We have created a new price regime for 2019 that should please everyone who wants to participate in a triathlon competition. It will be a fixed price that will not increase.

Prices for 2019 are as follows:
Full Coastman NOK 1900,-
Half Coastman NOK 1700,-
 NOK 1900,-
Olympisk NOK 700,-
Stafett Olympisk NOK 900,-