I cannot choose the race or class i want to register for

Did you enter the correct date of birth? Is your age within the valid range for the race?

Why do I need to log in to complete the registration?

It is important for the event organizer and for EQ Timing as a service provider to know who you are. By registering using your EQ Timing account, your license status will be retrieved automatically. And all your results will be available across events via your personal athlete profile page. When registering for series of events providing combined results, using the same profile for every registration is very important. Otherwise the results from the individual events cannot be combined in the total ranking.

How can I pay for my registration

When you register for the event, you will receive an invoice by email. This email can be paid in your internet bank like any other invoice. It is very important that you enter the correct customer ID or KID/invoice number when you pay, to ensure the payment can be combined with the right invoice in our database. For most events it is also possible to pay by credit card when you register. When registering to an event abroad, paying by credit card may be the only option.

What will happen if I do not pay the invoice on time?

  • The invoice will be due after 5 days. If you do not pay on time, the following procedure will be followed:
  • 5 days after due date (10 days after registering) you will receive a reminder by text message and/or email. In the text message and email all information you need to complete your payment will be repeated. Reminder fee will not occur from this reminder.
  • If you still have not paid within 16 days after due date, our collection partner Lindorff will send you a reminder by regular mail. A 67 NOK/SEK or 9 EUR reminder fee will occur. You must pay the invoice including the reminder fee using the information provided on the reminder letter from Lindorff.
  • If the reminder is not paid, Lindorff will continue following up and initiate a collection process.

I have received a reminder. I paid in cash directly to the event organizer. Can I ignore the reminder?

If you paid directly to the orgaizer - you must contact the event organizer to make sure they register your payment into the system. Alternatively you must email a reciept or other document that confirms your payment to participant@eqtiming.com.

I have registered for an event, but unfortunately I will not be able to participate. Can I ignore the invoice?

You can not ignore the invoice. When you register, you commit to a binding agreement between you and the event organizer. EQ Timing is handling the registration and payments on behalf of the event organizer. As a service provider we can not initiate a cancellation of the agreement between you and the event organizer. Consult the event organizers website for more information regarding this. If the invoice is already due, you must pay the invoice to avoid reminder fee. If the event organizer agrees to cancel your registration, your payment will be refunded.

My employer will pay my registration fee. How can that be solved?

When you register, you will receive an invoice. This invoice you can forward to your employer. If you already paid by credit card when you registered, your employer should reimburse the amount to you. Otherwise he can pay the invoice on behalf of you. Important: When you register, a binding agreement between you and the event organizer was committed. Your employer must pay the invoice on time. Otherwise reminder fee and collection fee may occur. You will be responsible for the full amount including the reminder and collection fees if your employer do not pay on time.