Registering is binding

Registering for this event is binding. A payment obligation occurs when you register. Your name will occur in the event participant list, even if you have not yet paid the registration. Some events requires credit card payment before the registration can be completed. For other events you can choose Invoice as one of the payment options. If this option is available for your event, you will receive an invoice by email immediately after registering. This invoice is due 5 days after registering. If the invoice is not paid on time, a reminder fee will occur.

The registration fee and license is non refundable.

Registering to the event is an agreement between you and the event organizer. EQ Timing is handling the registration and payments on behalf of the event organizer. EQ Timing is not a party in the agreement between you and the event organizer. Any discrepancies regarding the agreement between you and the organizer, for example in case of event cancellation is to be handled by the event organizer.

Privacy statement

In order to produce result lists in best possible quality, and to provide you the best possible service, we need to keep some information about you in our database. In addition to your full name, we must keep your club information, gender and date of birth. This will ensure you are ranked in the correct age group in the results. We use your name and birth date to reduce the occurence of dupliates in our database, and to offer you possibility to find your results across different events.

We need to keep your contact details like address, mobile phone number and email address in order to
  • Send you registration confirmation and invoice
  • Send text message with important information about bib number, starting time and bib distribution
  • Send you other relevant information about the event
Your contact details is kept in our database solely for these purposes for EQ Timing and for the organizer of the event you registered to. Your contact details will not be shared between event organizers, sold or made available for any third person.

By registering for the event, you agree the following

  • Event organizer will have access to your contact details in order to send you inforation relevant for the event. This is important so the event organier can provide you the best possible service.
  • Your name, club and age group will be published in participant lists and result lists.
  • Your results can be used for start group seeding in other events you participate.
  • Photos of you may be taken during the event. By registering, you agree that photos can be published on the event website and result lists during and after the event.